Kids say the cutest things!

Conversations between me and my little one! Note: AB calls me "Amma" (Mother in Tamil). Playing with her kitchen set... AB: Amma, here is your coffee. Me: Thanks, It is yummmy! AB: Yes, I added chilly powder! Me: Woww!   In the context of shifting to a new house... Me: Will you help me with... Continue Reading →

The front porch

The minute I looked into this week's photo challenge, three decades of memories flashed in my mind. The most favorite place on earth, for me, is the front porch of our home. Our home was an old fashioned typical Indian house with a huge front porch overlooking a small garden with a street view. This... Continue Reading →

My Invisible World

I can happily say, I grew up with Harry Potter. I was almost the same age as the trio of the series when I started reading it. The first book initiated the endless number of dreams about this beautiful magical world. The dreams continue even now, after almost two decades. It will, ALWAYS! There are... Continue Reading →

Beautiful noise

via Daily Prompt: Noise It's been 36 months since I started hearing the noise. Initially, it did not bother me, as the intensity was really low. It was heard occasionally and I used to find it amusing. I never understood the source of the noise. However, the intensity of the noise increased with time. It... Continue Reading →

Fairytale World

Snow white, Sleeping beauty, Aurelia, Rapunzel, Prince Charming, Aladdin… The big bunch of beautiful, elegant, angelic princesses and handsome princes of Disney. I, like any other girl, loved growing up watching their cartoons, movies, etc. I am in my late twenties and my group of friends still fancy ourselves as one of the princesses each.... Continue Reading →

Those were the best days!

I live in a fairly big housing society with a decent playing space. I have a toddler and was excited to take her to the park in our society. I thought I will open her to the world where other kids run, laugh and play around. Of course, I also thought that I will be... Continue Reading →

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