Truth or Dare

Today’s FOWC prompt, kindled a dear memory from my graduation days.

We were a bunch of twenty-year-old playing a game of truth or dare.  It was my turn and I chose to dare. Not because I am daring, but because truth gets little boring as we all know each other pretty well.

My turn came late in the game and so my friends were busy planning a funny dare. After 3 minutes of contemplation, they finally decided. I was dared to stand up and ask a doubt to our Advanced Mathematics’ Professor (an old hypocritical man). That sounds simple, isn’t it? Well, it was not.

The doubt to be asked was, “Why is Melody so chocolaty?”.

I am not sure if Parle Melody toffees are available outside of India. But in India, it is one of the favorite toffees. The toffee is popular for its tagline than anything else . And the tagline is, “Why is Melody so chocolaty?”.

Image result for parle melody toffee

I outright turned down the dare telling that it will get me expelled from college. My friends considered my plight and reduced the terms with a comparatively lenient and friendly lecturer.

The bell rang and our lecturer began his class. My friends pushed me to ask him and I was nervous. Though I knew that I won’t be expelled, there was enough chance to earn a bad name in the lecturer’s room.

Nevertheless, I stood up, and asked my daring question. He looked at me questioningly and after 30 seconds (which seemed eternal), he gave a smile and asked me to sit down!

Written in response to Fandango’s One Word Challenge.

FOWC word: Melody


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