A Memory to Cherish!

Ria looked at the kids holding their parents’ hands to the funfair from the porch of her house. She was playing the ever popular game of Snakes and Ladders with her Grandma. She liked her Grandma but was also scared of her as she was a stern old lady. But everyday after school hours, Ria looked forward to spending time with Grandma as she taught her a plethora of traditional board games. Ria loved to play these and would feel ecstatic when she won against her Grandma.

But, today Ria was little impatient. She was in a hurry to finish the game. She was looking forward to go to the fair, that happens only twice a year in their village. Her mom had promised to finish her chores by evening before dad reaches home, so that they can go to the funfair. The clock chimed 6 times and like everyday Ria spotted her dad entering their street on his cycle.

Ria jumped in joy and went inside the house to tell her mom to get ready. They got ready and Ria wore her only red satin frock that is meant for special occasions. She left the house in glee holding her parents hands and with her Grandma following them behind.

The funfair was arranged in a large unclaimed open land in their village. Everything looked exactly the same as the last one. Giant wheel, horse rides, stalls selling colorful bangles, neck wear and different games with petty winning gifts. Nevertheless, Ria could not contain her excitement. She knew they can’t afford to participate in any game but she enjoyed watching others play.

After one full roundup, they stopped near their favorite cotton candy stall. Dad bought her a piece which she shared with her mom and granny.

With a heart full of happiness, Ria walked home with a pinwheel in her hand. She placed it closer to her bed and slept holding its stick.

Ria was jolted back to reality when she heard the series of honks. She had missed the change in signal and steered her car closer to the small boy selling pinwheels. He had her favorite yellow and green one.

She smiled to herself and rushed towards her scheduled appointments, wishing life would slow down!

Written in response to Three things challenge and FOWC.

3TC words – cotton candy, Snakes & Ladders and pinwheel

FOWC – Schedule



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