The Liebster Award! :)

Thank you millidiary for nominating me for this award! It will always be special as this is my first award on WordPress.

Visit to know more about Liebster Award.



The rules for this award are (gathered from different sources since the official Liebster award website seems to be inaccessible!):

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  • Answer the questions or fulfill the task that blogger gave you.
  • Nominate other blogs that you feel deserve the award
  • Ask your nominees questions of your own.
  • List the rules in your post.
  • Once you have written and published your post, then inform your nominees of their nomination!

So, here goes my replies to your interesting set of questions –

  1. What inspired you to start blogging?

I am more known for my talking skills than writing. However, recently I began to document my experiences as a new Mom. Around the same time, I wrote a couple of blogs on childhood and parenting for one of my friends. She encouraged me to write more and in fact created a WordPress account for me. I am more than glad that she did and here I am!

2. What is the top thing in your bucket list?

A trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. 🙂

3. Narrate your favorite dream?

Well, I hardly recall my dreams. But my ever favorite one is where I join Hogwarts School of Witchcaft and Wizadry and am part of all the adventures of the Harry Potter trio. Well, with me, it will be the quad! 😛

4. Everybody role-play as kids. What is the role that you played as a kid?

I loved role-playing as a teacher. And I was a very strict one!

5. Which is your favorite horror movie?

This question is one of the most difficult for me. I get scared watching the most lame horror movies. But, I do have one classic favorite – Omen, specifically the first part.

6. Tell 3 things about yourself that people don’t know.

As I am new to this circle, let me tell 3 basic things about me –

a. I am a crazy Harry Potter fan (You must have guessed it by now!)

b. I like to explore new places.

c. I love food!

7. Define a leisure day for you.

Good music at the background, a cosy chair, a good fiction book and some fruit juice! That would do.

8. If you could go back in time and change one thing about you, what would it be?

Well, one thing to pin point is too difficult. So, I think I would better leave myself untouched. (You may never know the consequence of tweaking the past! :P)

9. What is your favorite, unique travel experience? Did you plan it, or did it just happen?

I would say my recent trip to the beautiful Indian state, Uttarakhand, was special. I visited a lesser known valley called the Binsar valley and it was wonderful. It was a planned trip to get a closer glimpse of the Himalayas.

10. Did you know the meaning of the word Liebster or you had to google it after receiving the award? 😀

I had to Google it. Hail Google! 🙂

My nominees for this award are –

  1. syncwithdeep
  2. Our Daily Scraps
  3. introvertsoulsway

Go ahead and tell us a little more about you!

  1. What made you to join WordPress?
  2. Tell us one thing that you are passionate about.
  3. Name a character from a book/movie/TV show most similar to you. Why?
  4. What was your dream job, when you were growing up?
  5. Tell us one strangest/interesting thing about where you grew up.
  6. If you have the ability to teleport by the blink of your eye, where would you first go?
  7. Tell us a genre of book/movie that you cannot read/watch
  8. What is your favorite food? Why is it special?
  9. Tell us the place you would love to visit.
  10. Did you know the meaning of the word Liebster or you had to google it after receiving the award? 😀

Thanks again Sharmilli! 🙂



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