Daily Prompt: Froth – An everyday affair

Hailing from the southern parts of India, it’s no wonder that I love my morning coffee. The Indian filter coffee, as we call it, is prepared by mixing the decoction from the brew of ground coffee beans and boiled milk. But the beauty of this preparation lies in the way it is served. It is traditionally served hot, in a frothy state that comes from the art of mixing the decoction and milk in a dabara-tumbler set (Indian version of cup and saucer).

As a kid, I have been deprived the chance of having coffee, due to the ill effects of caffeine. As I grew older, I developed the habit of morning coffee. The fresh smell that spreads while the decoction is being made cannot be explained in words. A well prepared cup of coffee brimming with the froth fuels the beginning of my day.

Coffee served in traditional way!

It’s an everyday affair but is one of the things that I look forward to everyday!

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