Weekly photo challenge: The Sunset story

via Photo Challenge: Rise/Set

I have witnessed beautiful Sun rises/sets from few of the scenic places like Chennai, Kanyakumari, Kodaikanal, Murudeshwar and Matheran. Particularly, the view of the sun rise/set from/in the sea has always been one of my favorites. How many ever times I see it, its always enchanting!

So, I thought a beach would be the perfect place for the first sunset view with my little one. We headed to Dive Agar beach in the Konkan region (western coastline of India) and were all set in the beach for the sunset. I was excited to show the disinterested little one (only interested in getting dirty in the beach sand) the disappearance of the “big orange ball” in the sea.

We were just a few minutes away from the sun to go behind the sea and there came a whole lot of clouds to hinder the view. I was disappointed and to top it up, the little one yelled that I am under the wrong impression and the sun actually disappears in the cloud. Well, yeah!

But, I guess the nature decided to cheer me up. We got to see a beautiful and colorful reflection of the rays on the sea. It switched on the exact twilight mode. My little one was happy to name the different colors seen in the sea. People who were about to leave the beach in disappointment of missing the sun set, stayed back to enjoy the reddish orange glow of the sky at sunset. Yet again, enchanting!

Captured in Canon EOS 1200D; f5.6, I SO 200




Caught while hiding
Sunset at Kashid beach

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