Kids say the cutest things!


Conversations between me and my little one! Note: AB calls me “Amma” (Mother in Tamil).

Playing with her kitchen set…

AB: Amma, here is your coffee.

Me: Thanks, It is yummmy!

AB: Yes, I added chilly powder!

Me: Woww!


In the context of shifting to a new house…

Me: Will you help me with bags and boxes when we move to new house?

AB: <Gives me a puzzled look>

Me: What are you thinking?

AB: They ll be heavy, so you carry.

Me: okay!


Two baby pigeons taking shelter in our balcony.

Me: Did you brush your teeth?

AB: Yes. “eeeeeee” <shows her teeth proudly to me>

Me: <With a grin> Did you ask the baby pigeons if they have brushed their teeth?

Runs to the balcony and says “Show eeeeeeeeeeee” to the pigeons and scares them!

Me: Do they have teeth?

AB: No, they only have a nose!


Dinner time; AB eating curd rice (her favorite) from my plate..

Me: You should not eat from other’s plates. It is a bad choice.

AB: Amma, you are a good girl, no? You should learn to “share” with me. <continues eating from my plate>


Reading a series of picture books..

AB: <Shows a picture of shark> Amma, what is the name of this fish?

Me: Shark <with an animated expression of fear>

Me: Where can you find sharks?

AB: In  my “Animals” book.




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