The front porch

The minute I looked into this week’s photo challenge, three decades of memories flashed in my mind. The most favorite place on earth, for me, is the front porch of our home. Our home was an old fashioned typical Indian house with a huge front porch overlooking a small garden with a street view.

This porch has been an inevitable part of my childhood. I have learnt to crawl, walk, laugh, cry and play on this porch. Be it the weekly morning routine of reading Hindu Young world, summer afternoon playing safely away from the scorching sun, the nights spent waiting for the kulfi seller, the lonely times, the angry times, boring times spent looking at the passers-by on the street, the porch has been a go-to place. It also helped me develop my hobby of reading books, as this was my favorite reading spot.

Our front porch has witnessed the happy conversations with parents, gleeful moments with cousins and the numerous silly lovable fights with my sister. This very porch was responsible for the first stitches on my sister (purely because of my stupidity). This porch has been the basement for a 27 year long friendship (still counting!).

It hurts to be reminded that this porch does not exist anymore. Our house got really old and we had to redevelop the place. Like most precious things, I never realized how much I love this place while I had it. I can never go back to this place again, but the memories will be cherished forever.

via Photo Challenge: Favorite Place

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