When a Mother travels alone…

After a break of 30 months, I am sitting on a plane, all ALONE. It is a short business trip that could not be avoided. I feel unsettled to be just carrying my hand bag, which is very light without all the baby stuff, stuffed in it. I realize its been ages since I traveled with just one bag in my hand, let alone, the other baby related things that I manage to carry between my arms and torso. However, I decided that I will not feel guilty about leaving my little one behind and will enjoy the ‘me’ time. I wanted to not think about things happening back home and to just relax.

But my brain and mind refused to relax inside the cramped space of the air plane and I notice my surroundings. I begin to wonder…

There is a newly married girl sitting next to me and looked anxious about her travel. I assume, probably her first travel alone, after marriage. There is a status update between both ends every five minutes. I did not eavesdrop, it is just that we are sitting uncomfortably close, that i could not help but hear their conversation. I wonder, can I pass as young as a newly married lady and not a mom? Well, I know the answer and I move on!

There is this well dressed old lady sitting on the same row across the aisle. She is wearing a really nice and simple cotton saree neatly draped and plaited. She is wearing glasses with strap and is busy reading a book. I wonder, will I look this sophisticated when i grow old? Maybe, maybe not!

In the front row, a tired man is well asleep with his mouth wide open. I quickly make mental note, to not doze off in the flight, as I have missed my dear sleep for quite some time, and going to sleep in the plane after a tired day, can be quite a scene.

I then decide to not wonder anymore and pull out a book from my bag. The ascent begins and I feel the guilt prodding all parts of my body for leaving my kid behind. I reassure myself for the millionth time in that day, that I am leaving the little one with her Appa (dad) who shares similar interests in taking care of her. I accidentally notice the time and realize that it is her bed time. But, I know for sure, that she is currently dancing around the house, in her pajamas, with her dad. I smile to myself imagining the scene and I pass out!

When and how was your first baby-free travel? Do share your experiences!

P.S. I hope with all my heart that I slept like a human, during the travel.

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