Books, books & books for the little readers

IMG_20180127_221644001I am a person who loves reading! I believe that books open a whole new different world to the reader. It is no surprise that I openly wish that my toddler loves to read. I look forward for the day in my distant future, where I can sit on a rocking chair with a hot cup of coffee and talk for hours with my child on books. The smell of coffee and the pages of old books, what a nice dream it is! Well, stepping into the reality, the only way to understand if my toddler likes to read, is to read to her.

I started reading picture books for her as early as, she was just 10 months old. We did not have a bed time routine of reading stories, but it was part of the play time. As and when she is in the mood to read, she would pick a book and we read it together. Initially, I thought I will read all the timeless fairy tales, ever green classics of Amar chithra katha and the moral based Panchatantra tales to her. But, as I started to collect toddler friendly books, I realized that there is  more to the collection of story books (picture books) for toddlers, especially by Indian authors and publishers. I used to find the illustrations and the stories equally amusing in these books. So, here goes my list of suggestions on books by Indian authors for your little book worm.

I started with books from Om book shop where they have board books on various topics like animals, classic stories, modes of transport, Gods and Goddess. These are meant to be handled by toddlers and come in cut out board designs. I have collected quite a lot of these books and my little one knows them by the heart. Check out their list of books here.

Our personal favorite, Tulika publishers, have a great collection of books for children aged 1-12 years. Their stories are not just relatable to the kids but also have beautiful illustrations. They are sure to kindle interest in the little minds to flip through the pages. Additionally, their books are available in multiple Indian regional languages and help in introducing the flavor of native languages (they also publish bilingual books). Few of my personal favorites are –

  1. Gajapati Kulapati: Story of an elephant in a village with funny sounds
  2. Where is Amma?: Story of a small boy searching his amma (Mom) within the house
  3. Not yet: A beautiful story/poem on sleep routine
  4. Okaasama Otousama: One of the best books to introduce the concept of language to little ones

To check out the entire list of books by Tulika, click here.

Next in line is, Pratham books, a non-profit organization that believes in books for every child. So, their books fall in the most affordable price range. They categorize the books into 4 different levels (Beginners to early readers). I have tried the first 3 levels with my little one. The stories and illustrations in these books are simple yet beautiful. To name a few personal favorites from this collection –

  1. What does Anu see? : A small story on the different things around us
  2. Gulli’s box of things: Story on a small boy and his brown box of things
  3. Ritu’s letter gets longer: A letter from Ritu, eagerly waiting to meet her cousin

To check out the list of books by Pratham, click here.

I recently came across this interesting book in Hindi (with English transliteration), Das Din (ten days). It is a nice interactive board book on a simple nursery rhyme. This is our current favorite. T4tales has 3 such books that are interactive and fun.

I am sure that this is a very small list and the world of toddler’s books is way huge than I can pen down here. I hope to collect more and create a small library for my little one. Share your favorites!


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