A Gentle Reminder!

The moment I knew that I was expecting a child, I had made up my mind about ways of bringing her up. That said, I did not decide her future, but had thought about the values that I would teach her. Of course, life is not what you plan! Ever since she arrived, she has been teaching me the simple facts for a happy living. She is a reminder of the little things that I had forgotten while growing up.

I know that this is something you would have read in many FB posts or Whatsapp messages. But here, I would like to pen down my personal experiences about the little things I learn from my kid. These little things keep me going.

  • I always divert her with her favorite things when she is adamant/cranky – There is no point in being upset about something that you were unable to do, you only need to divert your mind on the thing you like and forget the rest.
  • She never plays with just those things that were meant for her to play – You do not have to put up with just those things that are meant for you. Step out and explore other options.
  • There are days when she doesn’t finish her meal – It is okay to eat less than usual at times – not just the usual appetite!
  • Every time she falls, I made sure to laugh it off – It is absolutely fine to fall/fail and there is no need to create any fuss about it. Isn’t that how we learn!
  • Playing hide and seek by hiding in the same place is definitely not boring! – Your routine activities could be exciting as well.
  • Sleep anywhere, anytime! – It is your birth right.
  • A sleepless night doesn’t necessarily mean a tiresome day.
  • It is very important to smile at everyone – be it your maid, autowala or the doctor. A pleasant greeting eases up things.
  • A sheepish smile can soothe anger or irritation.
  • It is fun to roll on your bed and be lazy.
  • A hug or a kiss to your loved one can make up their day.
  • Best exercise to lose weight is by walking from hall-balcony-kitchen-room1-room2-hall.
  • Every day is a new beginning and what you did yesterday doesn’t really matter.

I am sure that this is going to be an ever growing list.

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