Twitter Tales: Partner in crime

“Tree of shoes” takes another life! read the headline of the local daily. This is the 36th mysterious murder and the victim’s shoes were on the tree. The corner news read that the crimes in the town has gone down recently. He stood in front of her and thanked his partner in crime. <279 characters>... Continue Reading →

Twitter tale: Journey begins

“Join your Barbies, baby”, said Sara. Little Naina looked in the direction of the sound and smiled. As she walked towards her toy basket, she bumped onto the chair. “It’s okay. Turn left to get closer to your toy basket” said Sara as she helped her blind princess. <264 characters> Photo by Skitterphotos at Continue Reading →

Twitter Tale: Reminiscence

Raj helped her unload the books on the table. She looked at him and smiled. It was a mixture of blush and pride. They chose each other’s favorite and slipped into different worlds. “Happy 25th!” their son’s message flashed on phone. “Re-living our first date night 😉” replied Raj. <277 characters> Image Courtesy: Written in... Continue Reading →

A Memory to Cherish!

Ria looked at the kids holding their parents' hands to the funfair from the porch of her house. She was playing the ever popular game of Snakes and Ladders with her Grandma. She liked her Grandma but was also scared of her as she was a stern old lady. But everyday after school hours, Ria... Continue Reading →

Twitter Tale: The Home

She gleamed at the number on the wall. But, this would mean, more hard work. Her worry faded the minute she looked around her. She has saved 100 children till date! <165 characters> Photo from Written in response to Kat's Twittering Tale #100. The challenge is to write a tale in less than 280... Continue Reading →

Twitter Tales: The Soul

Through the rain water running down her car window, she saw the silhouette of HIM. Her heart skipped a beat, for she still felt the same way when she first met him. She lowered the window with all hopes that he will turn around. But, will he believe her story of reincarnation? <275 characters> Photo... Continue Reading →

Twitter Tale: The Show Stopper

Jay took a final look at his show stopper dress. “It looks perfect.” “Clean the place”, he shouted at his wife as he walked out of his workshop. Next day, the local police looked at the mannequin, “Are you sure that your wife was wearing these dirty clothes before she went missing?” <280 characters> Photo... Continue Reading →

Twitter Tale: The Portkey

“Our new neighbors are weird”, said Rose as she entered her house. “What happened?” asked Dan. “To begin with, they have a phone placed in the middle of their garden.” Meanwhile, at the Weasleys’ household, “Hope we passed as muggles. All of you get to the phone portkey”, said Molly. <280 characters> Photo by MabelAmber... Continue Reading →

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